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One Hundred Paintings is a project that examines divergent modes of production in the field of painting.

I consider the contemporary artist a deejay, mixing eclectic signs of culture and art. Using this analogy, I have created a painting index that blends personal and cultural icons to construct a range of associations or readings. I see the field of painting as a graph where there are two variables: (the X-axis) the hierarchical history of painting and (the Y-axis) the pluralism of contemporary painting practices. Painting as a language loaded with historical context that each gesture, drip, color, size, or image, has an attached location within a lineage, a style, or an individual work of art. In terms of the imagined graph, each formal or conceptual development could exist as coordinates with potential trajectories in the continually shifting meaning of art and its relationship to the world. Within the context of one hundred paintings, I aim to explore different coordinates in that graph.

Grid: One Hundred Paintings
Oil on panel
20" x 24"